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Homemade orange chicken.

love is such a beautiful, awful thing.


fun things to do when you’re single!!

  • masturbate
  • cry
  • do both at the same time
  • eat a whole cake by yourself 
  • cry

I wish I could like this dozens of times

for some reason my infinite scroll stopped working and I don’t have a “next page” button anywhere soooo ugh

The key to my heart is chocolate milk, pizza, and not being a rude ass bitch

no edit guyz i sware i was rly at da beach ok idek what fotoshop is

I’m in a constant battle between being hopelessly lonely, and not wanting a girlfriend because college.

Anonymous: When I think of you my mind goes to the regular show, plugs, and pizza

I’m flattered, those are three pretty great things.


a new sex position called the ‘9’

its just me lying there, i dont have a sex life